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Penthouse Paw

French Bulldog "Soho"
English Bulldog "Baller"
Staffordshire Bull Terrier "Mayfair"
English Bulldog "Lowkey"
French Bulldog "Aspen"
Doberman "Ace"
Dobe "Old Money"
Golden Retriever "Vogue"
Lab "Brooklyn"
Dachshund "Top Dog"
Cocker "St Tropez"
Cocker "Manhattan"
Jack Russell Terrier "Geezer"
Border "Gentry"
BC "High Roller"

Commitment to Excellence

Quality, durability, and comfort define every DON SUCRE product, crafted for longevity and finished with meticulous attention to detail.

Full Eco-Focused Approach

Committed to ethical production from the start, our focus is on crafting high-quality garments sustainably, carefully selecting our materials and partners to reflect our values.